Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Celebrating the Holidays Uganda-Style

Christmas in Uganda has been a whirlwind. Sometimes I feel like it’s not Christmas at all (particularly when I’m sweating my buns off while sitting next to a pool) and other times I feel like Christmas has never been so intense!

I’ve celebrated the holidays in a lot of ways. For one, I cohosted a Festivus/ First Night of Hanukkah party on Sunday complete with latkes, Christmas music, eggnog, the traditional Festivus airing of grievances, and lighting of the Menorah. I’m not sure we could have stuffed in any more holidays even if we tried! I also helped throw a Christmas party for an orphanage, which was very fun and fulfilling, but also really humbling. Not only do these children and young adults have no family, many of them also have AIDS, profound disabilities, or both. It was a wonderful—but very intense—day. In addition, I’ve also had several Christmas movie viewing parties, a work party, and a Christmas themed quiz night at the local Irish pub. Busy busy!

But tonight starts the real festivities—I’ll be eating Chinese foods with some Jewish friends (I’m told this is an unofficial Jewish Christmas tradition), watching movies, and then attending a Christmas potluck complete with a barbequed goat! And on Friday my parents arrive from the states and we will whisk away to Jinja to celebrate Christmas on the Nile!

Anyway, throughout my busy holiday schedule, I have been thinking about all my friends and family and wishing you all a very happy holiday season. I miss and love you all!